Bulk Bags also known Tonne Bags

Bulk Bags / Tonne Bags

Our Bulk Bags are manufactured to a comprehensive range of quality standards and can withstand loads from 500 to 2,000 kilograms.

All Bulk Bags have the option of coming with liners.

All Bulk Bags can be printed on four sides. Each side can have up to four colours.

Our Bulk Bags are custom made to whatever specification you require also taking into account the filling and discharge options of your preference.

Our Bulk Bags can be used in a variety of different spectrums including industrial, agricultural and the pharmaceutical industry.

Bulk Bag Types & Applications

Our Bulk Bags are available in a variety of configurations.

Bottom Discharge options:

  • Flat Bottom
  • Discharge Spout
  • Full Open Bottom
  • Cone Bottom (open)

Fabric Types:

  • 4-Sided Bag
  • U-Panel Bag
  • Tubular Bag
  • Baffle Bag

Lifting Loops:

  • Cross Corner
  • Four Corner
  • Stevedore Strap
  • Sleeve Style

Top Charging Options:

  • Full Open Top
  • Filling Spout Top
  • Duffle Top
  • Cone Top
Bulk Bags, different types and options available
TYPE A Bulk Bag

TYPE B Bulk Bag

TYPE C Bulk Bag

Bulk Bag Industrial Clean Tonne Bag

Food Grade Bulk Bag / Tonne Bag

Vented / Ventilated  Bulk Bag

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